Sitopian Projects (which might interest you)

Here below are some brief descriptions about sitopian* projects and the people who are doing them. We will grow this list over time. Please send us suggestions.
*Sitopia is a term created by architect Carolyn Steel and presented in her book, Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives from the ancient Greek words sitos (food) and topos (place). “Sitopia, in essence, is a way of recognizing the central role that food plays in our lives and of harnessing its potential to shape the world in a better way.” — quoted from an article by Carolyn Steel found at

Spotted on Truck Farm video…
The first Shoe Town to Brew Town forum on July 19th, 2011, at the Brooklyn Brewery honors plant and soil scientist Dr. Paul Mankiewicz, director of the Gaia Institute Thanks to his generosity and curiosity — his hands-on help and advice — during the planning and building phases, many urban agricultural projects have emerged. Here we spot Paul helping Wicked Delicate, the creators of Truck Farm, to build the soil bed with his light-weight Gaia soil in the back of the truck! (And we also see our friend, urban farmer Ben Flanner, too, in this video watering the truck’s bed!)
Go Truck Farm! (Link to video: The video is described on Youtube as the “preview for the Wicked Delicate film and food project, Truck Farm! Visit for more information or to support the film. Featuring music from The Fishermen Three, and filmmaking from King Corn’s Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis. Also, of course, Granddad’s Dodge.”

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  1. Naomi Bloch says:

    You might be interested in Montreal’s Rooftop Garden Project (Des jardins sur les toits). It’s been active for about five years or so, combining innovative urban gardening practices (necessary to accommodate Montreal’s challenging growing climate and space constraints) with food distribution to schools and a meals on wheels program. There are many community partners and volunteers of all ages; it’s well-supported by Montrealers. I’ll just quote the site, as I’m in a bit of a rush here:
    The Rooftop Garden Project is a combination of hydroponic cultivation, permaculture, organic agriculture and collective gardening. It has inspired numerous initiatives in Québec, Canada and elsewhere in the world.
    The Rooftop Garden Project is funded by Alternatives, an international development organization in Montreal. Its partnership with Santropol Roulant, a food distribution organization, has helped the project take root in the community. The project is grounded in several progressive partnerships in an effort to increase and spread urban greening. Partnerships have been formed with McGill University and UQUAM, the City of Montréal, the ITHQ, Patro le Prévost, volunteers and the collective community gardens in Montréal and Québec, in addition to partners in Cuba, Mali, and South Africa.