There’s something for everyone in the Big Apple, and nowhere does this principle apply with greater force and effect than when it comes to breweries.

Gun Hill Brewing Company

Located in the Bronx, this brewery has a welcoming atmosphere where locals and tourists alike enjoy hand-crafted pints. If you’re looking for an air of exclusivity, this no-frills place isn’t for you. One of their brews, Void of Light, has won awards.

Other Half

From unique ingredients to artistically designed cans, OH is a place standing out from the crowd. There are more than 20 beers on tap, most of which are IPAs. Its creative pilsners, stouts, and draft lagers are just as delicious.

Coney Island Brewery

Those who love experimenting with beer are cordially invited to have the time of their lives at CIB with its unique limited releases. There’s even a watermelon wheat beer called Tunnel of Love. The festival-inspired brews always make for a memorable experience.

Threes Brewing

Threes Brewing exudes elegant ambience with lush plants, white-washed brick walls, warm wood panels, and chic marble booths. The beers are just as considerate and delicious as you’d expect in such a place. There is a variety of hoppy US beer, German lagers, and traditional Belgian farmhouse ales.

SingleCut Beersmiths

SingleCut’s rock-n-roll-inspired beers enjoy a much-deserved cult following. The musical inspiration is reflected in the names, for example “Is This The Real Life? Double Dry-Hopped IPA” (Queen) with its citrus tang, light malt flavor, and creamy consistency. There’s also Kinky Boots of Lead Sour Imperial Stout, both artistic and smooth as it goes down.

The Flagship Brewing Company

Located just several minutes from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal on foot, Flagship Brewing Company is among New York City’s finest when it comes to beer. It was the first place to brew beer in the city. Today, it has eight beers on tap in its huge tasting room. Make sure you go on a brewery tour to learn insider brewing tips, including how to make deep auburn American-style pale ale. Incidentally, this is the brewery’s finest beverage.

Death Ave.

This is a Greek-American restaurant that had its lower level converted into an underground brewery, where delicious beer is made and then carried upstairs. Home brews like Mr. Cloudy (bitter, strong, double brewed with malted oats) and Mr. Refreshing (a kölsch with a fresh tinge of hop flower) go with the restaurant’s skirt steak skewers perfectly.

New York is truly the place to be in the US if beer is your thing – it is almost like being in Belgium or Germany! Don’t believe us – visit one of these joints. We’ll prove you wrong.