Brewery launches a tongue-in-cheek beer porn site

They say that all publicity is good publicity, but the brash new brewer BrewDog took that to extremes recently by creating their own porn website in order to market themselves. It caused a stir and eventually, they took the website down, but not before it made its impact.

The PornHub copy

The product that they were launching wasn’t actually a new beer. Rather, it was their streaming service, which is able to give people an in-depth look into the production of various beverages. They are also producing their own shows. In order to advertise their streaming network, they decided to copy another one.

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The controversy

As you can imagine, the advertisement caused plenty of outrage from the usual sources. This isn’t the first time that BrewDog have used a risqué marketing strategy to sell their products.

 It wasn’t too long before the website was taken down and BrewDog dropped the campaign. Some will moan at the political correctness of it all, but I’m guessing that BrewDog secretly see the campaign as a successful one.

Offending the right people

In terms of the core demographic of beer drinkers, it is still overwhelmingly male. Obviously, this causes overlap with the porn streaming industry. There is a huge overlap between the type of people who would drink BrewDog and the type of people who watch PornHub.

Therefore, BrewDog more than likely knew that they were going to be offending people who most likely won’t ever buy a drink from them anyway. Meanwhile, for their core demographic, it was a funny joke that has spread the name of their company far and wide.

Using the porn industry

The porn industry is being attacked from all angles, as it always has been. Increasingly we live in a society that is trying to shield everyone from anything that could be deemed offensive. There is no surprise that using porn as a vehicle for their marketing was controversial.

For BrewDog though, it has helped to cement them as a brand that does things a little differently and a brand that is willing to push the boundaries of what you can and can’t do. All the while, they are going to be getting a lot more people interested in their streaming service.

Why not Netflix?

BrewDog could have easily parodied the likes of NetFlix or Hulu, but opted for something bolder instead. It clearly wouldn’t have had the same impact and the joke wouldn’t have been as funny, nor would there have been any controversy.

It was a bit of marketing genius. While BrewDog will most likely never have as many streamers as PornHub, the brief association will likely boost their numbers and give their core customers a funny little joke at the same time.