Shoe Town to Brew Town: Craft Brewing Meets Green Development
— A Forum over Food & Drink

On July 19th, 2011, from 7:30-11:00 PM, we held the first public forum for this platform. It happened at the Brooklyn Brewery’s beer hall. Below is the invitation text describing that event in more detail.

Reason for creating this event:
If we want to transform our industrial ecology, what better place to start than by encouraging the spread of small local breweries? Join us for a fun and informed discussion of how breweries can be the centerpiece of a sustainable regional development plan. Attendees will include craft brewers, green designers and many others. The inimitable green scientist Paul Mankiewicz of the Gaia Institute will start things off with the story of what Louis Pasteur found while working with beer and wine microbes. The rest is up to those of us who take this discussion beyond talking into doing, potentially supported by expert collaborators met through this forum.

As a benefit event, tickets were sold and net proceeds were donated to the Gaia Instituteto support their important projects which are aligned with this event’s ethos. For more information about the Gaia Institute, please see http://www.gaiainstituteny.org

This event was organized by a volunteer team. The space for the event has been provided for the evening by the Brooklyn Brewery.



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